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We are excited to offer you a somewhat new procedure to eliminate most allergies without taking painful shots nor undergoing costly and uncomfortable diagnosis.  NAET is the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique.  It utilizes simple Muscular Reflex Testing (sometimes known as Kineaseology) to determine what allergies you have a problem with and performing a muscular stimulation procedure to make the allergen reaction disappear. We are also advanced from most other NAET practitioners because we implement the Asyra testing device that carries thousands of allergy profiles.  This advancement has the complete array of NAET signatures plus hundreds more not included.  NAET practitioners can only be as good as the amount of vials they can test each patient.  Enter the 21st Century with this new system that gets real results!

We believe we are superior to most other NAET practitioners because of these reasons:

1.  We have the most extensive array of allergens to test
2.  We can treat more than one allergy at a time cutting your visits by 1/10 or/+
3.  We are most cost effective (most charge $75 to $90 each allergy tx) ours is
$12.50 ea.
4.  We eliminate 400 allergies in 19 treatments - we treat allergy No.s 201- 400 for free!
5.  To ensure you pass, we don't just use Kineaseology (use advanced bio-energetics)
6.   If you have 400 allergies we can save you the cost of a new car over other NAET $$$.
7.   You come once every 3 weeks and treat 10 allergies - 170 allergies neutralized in 1 yr
8.   You may neutralize 400 allergies in 10 days (depends on your general health )
9.   We do not charge for next visit re-treatment if necessary (other practitioners do $$).
10.  Since we treat more allergies for less (you can get more done) - yields better results!
11.  We guarantee free followup visits for one year.  Low cost re-treatment after 1 yr.
12.  Quicker time to see some conditions cleared (between days to six months).

Over 32,000 practitioners are certified worldwide in NAET.  These practitioners consist of medical professionals made up of Medical Doctors, Nurses, Veterinarians, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists with backgrounds in Oriental Medicine.  These procedures are very successful in treating infants, toddlers, adults and even people over 100 years old.  Veterinarians even use these techniques for treating cats and dogs.

Every patient will receive an initial bio-energetic scan for allergies ($250).  After treating your initial 10 to 140 allergies, almost 50% of our patients will feel so much better they will not require more treatments.  Patients usually feel noticeably better by their 5th treatment protocol.  Patients that have nut allergies to the extreme of anaphalaxis shock may require many more treatments.  Patients that have allergies to the extreme of causing autism typically require all 19 treatments.  Our study revealed that 88% of the children that experienced non-verbal autism were able to attend regular class grade school activities.  Patients that have multiple allergies ranging in the hundreds will require many treatments if they so choose to eliminate them all.You don't even need a single treatment, just use out allergy sensitivity readout profile and simply avoid what is on the list (many things you are allergic to and not even aware).

We have testimonials ranging from Medical Doctors, movie actors, children, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and even children.  Please review out Video section and written testimonials.  Beside testimonials, there is an ongoing study that is gathering the hard scientific data.

Scheduling your treatment:  Most people schedule their treatments one to three times per week over a one to three month period.  Out of town patients could theoretically schedule three treatments per day over seven days and complete the 19 treatments in just one week.  Cost conscious individuals may select just one treatment per week.  For those military personnel who must leave for oversees, the treatments are not effected by long waiting period in-between.  

How common is it to have allergies?  It is estimated that at least 95% of the U.S. population has multiple form of allergies.  An allergy is not just the sniffles, a runny nose, or sneezing.  It is commonly the cause of unknown pain to any part of the body not directly caused by an injury.  It may be any form of Arthritis, Lupus or MS.  When the body is experiencing some type of inflammation and/or edema not directly caused by an injury there is a serious possibility that it may stem from an allergy.  I have a challenge that the Bio-feedback fee for allergy testing will be waived for anyone who does not prove to have at least four different allergies.